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We are curating the Consciousness Village at this year's Electric Picnic Festival. 
See you there:

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2022 Electric Picnic: MIND BODY Arena


 our spaces of love:)are

2022 Conscious Concert Ireland Stage Line Up:




2022 BareFoot Stage:


& more

See evening the hidden trees, wells and fire circle sanctuary:

SERENITY GARDEN (Daithi & George line-up) 

NIGHT TIME: Earth Crescent Stage

chill-out tunes

& sacred spaces

Thank You • Go Raibh Maith Agat

Omni / Rod • Scarecrow & The Roj Light • Colin Scallan
• Rainbow Bridge movement - Declan Hammond & Louise O’Donnell • Peneleapaí & Joyshna  • Marcin & Agata  •  Clive Williams  •  Niall Mcguigan  •  Avalon  / Martina Flaherty  •  Sun shakers (Davina) • text  •  text  •  text  •  text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text  •  text  •  text  • text

"I loved the Conscious Concert, it was such a beautiful, warm, uplifting, gracious vibe, very inspiring, very heart-opening and very lovingly put together. I also really loved the chocolate!"

- Victoria Mary Clarke

(journalist, writer)

"I hadn’t been to an event like this before. I felt an open minded, real sense of connection at Conscious Concert. It is an immersive, intimate event to be experienced, and like me, you’ll be back."

- Keane Harley

(journalist, Corporate Wellness Ireland / RTE presenter)

Welcome here!

Do you dream of a better future? Do you sometimes find it difficult to fit into the society we have created? Conscious Concert is an inspiring day of wisdom talks and healing music that creates a safe space for you to connect with like-minded people who share a vision for a better world.





At Conscious Concerts we recognise that the world is going through tremendous change and that our planet, in many ways, is out of balance.


On an individual level people are yearning for something deeper within, some call it spirituality, others say it’s just a search for greater meaning in their lives. Many feel that as a society we have become more divided and lost our sense of community.

Conscious Concerts organise national events that hope to address these concerns. We are building a community of like minded people who strive to live a healthy and balanced life in harmony with their neighbours and friends. We are at the forefront of what’s happening globally, setting trends and bringing speakers to Ireland which more conservative events wouldn’t consider. We are not traditional, we believe in positive change and transformation for all who want it.

We are growing and we want you to grow with us. Come along and be a part of our special journey.


Time to seed our Dreams! Co-create the world you & i want to live in. Together


 One sunny day, Spring 2013 three of us got in a van and as it started moving, a dream-seed was born: Hey, wouldn't it be cool to ....continue reading here >>



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