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Convergence Gathering | #FutureIreland Public Discussion | Forum: (2)

Convergence Gathering - Youth and Elders of Ireland #FutureIreland public discussion

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Convergence Gathering | #FutureIreland Public Discussion | Forum: (2)
Convergence Gathering | #FutureIreland Public Discussion | Forum: (2)

Time & Location

14 Nov 2020, 18:00 – 19:45 GMT


About the event

#FutureIreland 2nd Convergence Gathering with - An invitation to be involved in & develop this country together:

Convergence timetable:

Opening Sacred Music

with Ronan O Snodaigh & Susan O'Neill

Convergence II Panel discussion

In alphabetical order:

Paul Congdon - Owner of Positive Life Magazine. Positive Nights Gatherings, Dublin

Stephen Corcoran - Environmental Recovery Solutions Ltd. NiftyBins Ltd. Produces - Be Your Environment BYEco @ Electric Picnic

Enda Donnellan - Founder of Sovereignty Ireland, 18 years in practice as an Osteopath, Non-denominational Interfaith Minister since 2012. Conscious events producer

Michael McKeever. Environmental and Energy Engineer, Alternative Therapist, Mindfulness and Leadership Coach through Workshops and Online Courses

Ruth Murphy–Senior level corporate administration for Microsoft and Enforcement Division of Central Bank of Ireland. 20 years in business of wellness industry. Author of book Fresh & Green.

Julie Ruane: Primary Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator, Masters in Management, Life Coach, Reiki Master

Masha Maria Duna - Business & Russian Degree Trinity College, Positive Psychology, Training & Development 2010 Coaching, Digital Marketing & Conscious Sales. Producer of Conscious events

Ray Nangle - Former founder Former CEO Internet Marketing.

Jin Sandhu - Pfizer, Dupont BMS & Novartis (2000 - 2012). Social entrepreneur consultant. Kilnworx climbing centre (2012 - 2020).

Michelle Shannon - Musician - Degree in Media and Anthropology. Singer, songwriter, Member of Friends of the Earth Facilitators and Trainers Network, Quantum Coherence Therapist

Maureen Simon - 25 years of experience in international consulting including political mediation in Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe

███ New here?

Please read full manifesto about Health, Ecology, Education, Biodiversity, Economics, Children & more.

About Convergence Gathering

Online meeting

Continuing the momentum from the first Convergence Gathering 2020 at the Hill of Tara - let's kickstart the solution based dialogue, resource sharing, and co-creation. And also, update new people to the conversation.

We are all guardians and mentors of this process without the need for leaders.

The aim is to co-create a new model of happiness, freedom and health in Ireland.

We all have a part to play, unique abilities to contribute towards effecting the change we wish to see in the world.

This year, 2020 is a turning point for humanity. Never before have the cracks of our broken system become so apparent.

We are in economic free-fall and it’s vital we choose a better direction, not just for us, but for generations to come.

This is about developing a model that frees everyone from economic slavery. By placing health and happiness first we can dispense of the need to spend all our lives working to one day retire (if we are lucky to make it and it does not cost us our health)

This is an invitation to everyone, to be part of the process of reclaiming our sovereignty.

Putting it simply, to be sovereign in our society means we have the freedom to choose what brings us joy in life, and as long as it’s not at the expense of another person's liberties. A sovereign community upholds the free will and diversity of all.

This is not a new concept and has been talked about before. However, never has a society been able implement this due to the corrupting energies of power and control.

By developing a decentralised model we can remedy this and institute the wisdom that has come from so many past generations:

Epicurus - natural justice

John Locke 1680 - natural law(being all equal and independent)

Herbert Spencer in 1850 - equal freedom

Gandhi - self-governance

The time is ripe like never before.

Let's not underestimate our ability to manifest what we want to see in the world for the greater good of all.

Join in and be a part of this online Convergence Gathering


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