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Thank You!!!

We are dedicated to bringing cutting edge Consciousness to Ireland 

Conscious Concert Events brought to Ireland for the first time: 


  • Margot Anand - most renowned global Tantra teacher:

  • JP Sears - viral spiritual comedian:

  • Entheogenic - an award-winning ethnic electronic dance producer:


  • Luis Paniagua - Sacred musician and chanter:



  • Aaravindha Himadra - the teaching of immortality from the Himalayas:


  • Nagual Uchu - South American Shamanism:

Facebook & Youtube


  • Nataraj Garcia - Sacred communal dance experience, Spain 



  • Manish Sarod Shrestha - Sacred musician from Nepal:


  • Ma Ananda Sarita - One of Osho’s personally chosen tantric teachers:


  • Masterminded music - Merkaba Music:



  • Sacha Stone - mystic and founder of New Earth Festival:


  • Dr. Joe Marshalla - scientist, the theory of repeatlessness:


  • Jasmuheen - mystic, written 32 books on living on light



  • Bee Global Music - eco conscious pop music producer


Also @ Conscious Concert Events:


  •  Banco De Gaia - world-renowned music producer:​

  •  Jill Purce - famous for brining overtoning voice chanting to the west in the 70’s:

  •  Chloe Goodchild - founder of Naked Voice movement with many of her students now in Ireland:

  •  Sudha - Sacred musician from Denmark:

  •  Luci & Sam - Luci was keyboardist for Moby:


  •  Dara Molloy - Author of “Globalisation of God” and Celtic Christian monk:

  •  Rumi - Sufi theatre group - Expressive Arts Ireland:


  •  Liam O’Maonlai - singing Seán Nos Sacred Irish music:

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